Taurus Spectrum 380 Auto Stainless Steel Slide/Gray Frame with Serenity Blue Grips




spectrum 380 taurus

The spectrum 380 taurus is revolter semi-automatic handgun . Furthermore, the most interesting thing about this handgun is the double action only trigger which is considered safe for home safety and concealed carry. In addition,  the 380 spectrum is 5.40 inches length and 2.8 inch barrel making it smooth and effective to fit as concealed weapons.


Firstly, the Brand : Taurus

Secondly , the Caliber: .380 Auto

Thirdly, the Capacity: 6rds/7rds

Finish: various colors

Grip: Soft-Touch overmold

Firing System: Striker

Action Type: DAO

Trigger Pull: 7-9 lbs.

Safety: Internal

Sights (front): Integrated low-profile

Sights (rear): Integrated low-profile

Slide Material: Stainless steel

Finish: Black Melonite or matte stainless

Length: 5.4 in.

Width: 0.89 in.

Height: 3.82 in.

Barrel Length: 2.8 in.

Mag Release: reversible

Weight (unloaded): 10 oz.

Why should you buy this taurus spectrum 380 pistol?


Also, the holster is naturally a light weight and small gun making it easier to hold and delivers almost same amount of strength as any other holster , making it very reliable for concealed users .


following the ergonomics of this weapon, the spectrum 380 has a high level of accuracy due to its light weight and small size it can be used for home safety at a low cost



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