Taurus Millennium PT-111 G2 9mm Sub-Compact


  • Model: PT-111 G2
  • Finish: Blue
  • Caliber: 9 mm
  • Capacity: 12 1
  • Weight: 22 oz.
  • Barrel Length: 3.2 in
  • Frame: Compact
  • Action: SA/DA
  • Front Sight: Fixed
  • Length: 6.24 in
  • Safety: Loaded Chamber Indicator Manual Safety Manual Safety Taurus Security System Trigger safety
  • Order #: 1-111031G2-12
  • Rear Sight: Adjustable- 2 Dots


Taurus pt 111

If You’re looking for a fast, reliable, well manufactured concealed weapon , the taurus pt 111 is the ideal gun for you. It is a millennium compact pistol small enough to fit in any shirt or pant but also has the full power to defend yourself properly as it offers a full firing grip on the pistol.

The taurus millennium g2 pt 111 has gained popularity over the years as one of the best concealed carry options for home and self-defense because of its size and capabilities.


Firstly,Brand: Taurus

Secondly,Model: Millennium G2, 111G2.

Caliber: 9mm Luger.

Capacity: 12+1 (.40 S&W model has 10+1).

Overall Length: 6.24”.

Barrel Length: 3.2”.

Sights: Fixed front, adjustable 2-dot rear.

Finish: Blued.

Grip: Textured, polymer.

Weight: 22 oz.


Why the taurus pt 111 g2 should be your ideal concealed weapon?


This pistol comes with a textured grip and a smooth grip, this enhances shooting experience and accuracy making it a striker-fired semi-automatic gun


The size of this gun is already an advantage to concealed users , this gun also comes with an adjustable 3 dot sight to increase defense accuracy to its users.



Here at buy taurus online , this gun is been sold at an affordable $219 .


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