Taurus G3 9mm Striker-Fired Pistol with Tan Frame



Taurus g3 for sale

The taurus g3 for sale is considered as one of the best pistols for both police officials and the market, given its low budget, it offers same capabilities as other strong and accurate pistols. This weapon is a best used for self-defense so it can be used as home or truck gun. Given its big siz, it is very easy to hold and operate, so many will prefer the taurus g3 sale to be their number one ideal home defense weapon.


Firstly, Caliber: 9mm

Secondly, Length: 7.3″

Height: 5.2”

Width: 1.25”

Barrel: 4”

Safety: Manual thumb lever (left side only) and trigger tab

Action: Single Action with Re-strike capability

Sights: 3-dot: Front fixed, rear drift adjustable

Weight: 25 oz

Frame: Black polymer

Slide: Stainless steel

Capacity: 10, 15 or 17 rounds.


Why people buy the taurus g3 9mm for sale ?


Very easy to use in the hands , comfortable to shoot , accurate and fast re-strike , this the best ideal weapon for home based defense , truck or police defense.


Also, the sights is plastic, making it light weight and fast to control during fire . This weapon considered too accurate given its price, it performs great aswell as other reputable handpistols in the market.


It has a right-hand thumb safety at the left side of the gun’s frame.

Price: This pistol is sold here at $300 , Buy now and get the best experience from the Taurus family.


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